Hello, I am Florin Popescu.

  I was born and raised in Romania, but I have been living in Japan for the last 10 years.

  In 2003 I finished my Ph. D. course at the University of Kyoto, Japan and took my Ph.D. degree in Japanese Language and Literature (I do not know the system in other countries, but the diplomas from here look exactly the same for a Ph. D. in Celtic History and one in Romanic Middle-Age linguistics; all of them are called, Ph.D. in letters).

  My disertation was on a book (actually two) written by some Spanish Christian missionaries in Japan around 1600. There are two manuscripts left in the whole world, one in Latin, called "Compendium Catholicae Veritatis", kept at Vatican,  and its translation in Japanese, found in the nineties in the library of Oxford University. The latter has no covers left, so that it is hard to find its name and its translators, but it is supposed that its name was "Shinjitsu no Kyo", which is actually an approximate translation of the Latin title ("The Book of Truth") .

  It seems that nobody cared to print any of these books when they were written and actually nobody has cared about them at all for the last four centuries, and thus I had the opportunity to be one of the first to write about it. Unfortunately, even after publishing a part of my works, the book's popularity still has not increased.

  After a couple of years of partly successful search for work, I decided to stop, at least temporarily, my carrier in linguistics and got employed by Sigma Inc., a car parts maker located in Kure, Hiroshima prefecture.

  I stood there for two years and now I am back in Romania, where I am working in a tourism company called Exact Tours. I am practicing Aikido a few times a week in a dojo situated in the dormitory of The University in Bucharest. I also receive requests for translation from time to time (En-Ja-Ro). For job-related items, here is the link.

  I like Aikido, music and motorcycles.

  This HomePage is organized in three languages, English (here), Japanese and Romanian. Some of the contents are common, but specific contents appears only in the language(s) where I considered there might be anyone needing it.