Music as a hobby

 I do not listen too often to ethnic and classic music.

   I like especially indie and some melodic metals.

As for indie, lately I like very much
Belle and Sebastian,
British Sea Power, Ween, Weezer and White Stripes.

As for metal bands, presently I like most
System Of A Down,
Catherine Wheel, Fear Factory, A Perfect Circle, and many others.

Together with all these, I also listen to music made by myself together with a good friend of mine, whose name is Dragos Gilbert Dumitru (Klaus Grossu Viziru Berchea). Our band is called MALARIA, and our music style is called chamber music, as all our songs were composed, rehearsed (?) and recorded either in my chamber or in my friend's.

MALARIA has so far a huge number of musical projects, all of them recorded quite professionally, considering the level of our hardware. Our devices, scarcely pertaining to the category of electronic devices, may only be honoured by our friendly use. Among our brands, there are Russian Elektronika and Mayak and also chinese International, and still others, which name could not be deciphered due to the cyrilic or simplified Chinese fonts in which their logo was written.
Among these hundreds of projects, our partner, myself and some of our friends who do us the honor to listen to our songs selected some time ago some 200 songs, which were kept and re-recorded on audio-cassettes boasting high noise and low quality. Nevertheless, last year, these songs were digitally remastered and transformed in mp3 files, using some highly dependable shareware softs, as Cool Edit and dB Amp.
Up to present, there are 15 extant Malaria albums (counting starts with 0); a new album, Malaria 15, was started last February and is already containing 7 songs at least as good as any of our worst previous creations.

For people willing to obtain works by MALARIA, there is still no project officially published, so that the only way to get MALARIA ie still by receiving it from an actual retainer by direct contact.
In the near future, some samples from songs by MALARIA will be available on this page, but for the moment, please find some of the most memorable lyrics from our projects.
Mi-am facut o casa-n brazi,
Mi-a intrat o vaca-n ea
      Si-acum cine-o vrea sa-mi dea
Vaca afara
Si ni-am nici un caine-n ea
Vai de vai de vai de vai
                                                      (Casa-n brazi  - Malaria 10)
Toropeala in serai,
Fug argatii in salvari
Si fugiti, si fugiti,
La mine nu va ganditi,
Fug argatii fara grai.
                                                      (Paguba-n serai  - Malaria 13)
Eram trei si toti trei am trait
Din ciordit
              Pana cand n-a mai ramas nimic de julit
     Din masina de la mina de lihnit
De manglit

Eram trei si faceam rap,
Dar eu nu puteam sa-ncep pan' sa nu pricep
Si dadeam cep
La butoiul cu bere degrab'
Ca sa percep
                                              (Lupta pentru sfarsit - Malaria 14)
Ma cheama Mitica,
Si n-am gagica,
Nu ma lasa-a mea mamica,
Nu-i pacat de putzulica?
                                                      (Ingerul Lenes - Malaria 15)
Am vazut un continent
Si-am avut un sentiment
O placuta relaxare,
De betie si visare.

Ma-ndreptai spre-un golfulet
Si trasei barca la mal
Cand vazui un negru cretz:
Era plin de canibali!...
                                                           (Din lac in putz si-napoi - idem)